Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November in YOUR Learning Commons!

Hello to our amazing school community! 

     While thankfulness at this time of year is expected, we want to express our sincere gratitude for being such an integral part of our school. The Learning Commons is a busy place day in and day out, and for that, we are thankful! We love being able to assist students and teachers with print and online resources, integrate and troubleshoot technology, and connect with students through clubs like Battle of the Books and Technology Club! 

Here are a few notable statistics about the first few months of school (August-November)
Walk in students: 2,081
Classes in the Learning Commons: 250
Small Groups in the Learning Commons: 163
Physical resources checked out: 4,272
ebooks viewed: 789
Database Use (Through Mackin VIA): 83 (November only)
Classes taught with Digital Literacy Teacher: 195
We couldn't do this without YOU...and we are grateful! Happy Thanksgiving!

     We have received our latest shipment of just under 200 books and still have about 120 on their way! We have MANY new picture books and some great new fiction and informational books! Please stop in and see us--we have so many new titles that need to be read! Take note of the "NEW" labels on display to help you find the newest books to our collection! You can also see them in the "New Arrival" portion of Destiny Quest! 

The Hour of Code 
     Have you heard of The Hour of Code? During the week of December 8-12th students from around the globe will spend (at least) one hour experiencing what it is like to learn and create using coding language! Check out the Library Website for some fun resources to try!
Here is a great video I saw for the first time last year, but is still quite relevant and inspiring for the Hour of Code!

Have you heard of these tools?

  • Kahoot-A game-based response system for schools, ANY device connecting to the internet can be used! 
  • Flubaroo-An "add on" in Google Drive that will score your Google Forms for you! 
  • LucidCharts-Create graphic organizers and share them with students/teachers via Google Drive! Already available when you click "More" under your Adams 12 Google Apps! :) 

WorldBook Online Research tools
     Through our district subscription, we have access to several WorldBook databases and resources! When you log on through the Inquiry page of the Learning Commons website you will see several choices! Here's a quick run down of the varying places you can go!

General Searching:

  • WorldBook Discover-a friendly search interface for inquirers at an upper elementary-middle school reading level.
    • Features: visual dictionary, a bank of "explains" videos (some primary sources!), researching and creating timelines
  • WorldBook Student-a reliable resource written at approximately middle school reading level.
    • Features: set up an account and save your research into a folder, compare places, citation builder, timelines, featured video, biography center, related websites and magazine articles
  • WorldBook Advanced-In-depth articles written at a higher reading level
    • Features: Several tools from Student Edition, Today in History, Primary sources!, World Newspapers (Very cool for Language B teachers!
Specific Searching:
  • WorldBook Ancient Peoples-All about ancient civilizations
  • WorldBook Living Green-Environmental issues, energy, goods, buildings
  • WorldBook Inventions and Discoveries-Innovation and technological advances related to science and math areas
  • WorldBook Hallazgos-Online Encyclopedia in Spanish

Please stop in and see us with any questions! 

We are happy to support you in your learning endeavors!Happy Thanksgiving!

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