Thursday, February 16, 2012

Loving our Library!

We are loving our library and want to shout that out!  Here are some reasons why!
1.  Support for our recent book fair! Thanks to our students and families who supported the book fair.  Because of your purchases, the library was able to earn about $700 in books from Scholastic.  We purchased about $450 worth from the fair and still have about $240 to spend.  We are very grateful!
2. New Books!!!  Come and see the new books we have on display!!
3.  We are on Facebook now! Follow us! We are listed as "Thornton Middle School Library."
4.  We are hoppin' with classes! Today we saw 10 classes of 7th graders! Thanks to Mrs. Aylor, Ms. Doss, and Ms. Tiboris for bringing your classes down. :)
5.  Students choose to visit us before school, during lunch, and after school and we love seeing kids who want to be here! We see about 70-80 students on average per day. 
TMS is the BEST school around! Thanks for reading!

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